About B’s Carpet Cleaning

How B’s Carpet Cleaning All Started

B’s Carpet Cleaning was born in 2005 after a difficult year when I found myself selling Kirby Vacuums for a spell. They gave me a first class education on carpet cleaning with the “Dry Foam System.” So I took it and ran with it.

Can’t forget to credit the Marine Corps, too! They gave me a first class education on cleaning and detail!! Between being a “neat-nick” as a child and my Marines training, you get a neat-nick that has a serious attention to detail. And that’s how .

Clean carpets are important to allI began my business using a Kirby vacuum. After building a strong clientele base in St George, Utah, I found out about the VonSchrader Dry Foam Cleaning System. They have a the state of the art dry foam cleaning system that uses dry cell technology and serious suction. Yes, I still have the Kirby – I use it to vacuum your carpets before I clean with my VonSchrader.

My commitment to my customers is to give them “The best carpet cleaning they have ever had!” I hear that often from my customers. I work to get the spots out so they don’t come back. Bottom line, if I get it out, it’s not coming back!

About Bryan Butas

Bs Carpet Cleaning owner in St GeorgeI’m from Ohio originally but, Southern Utah has been my home for more than 20 years. I left Ohio in 1989 to join the Marine Corps serving for 4 years. After working different odd jobs back in Ohio, I found my niche’ in sales.

After a couple of false starts (a boat detailing business and providing nutritional supplements), I eventually closed up shop. Being tired of the cold long winters in Ohio, I headed south toward warmer weather.

In my travels I learned about St. George, Utah and its warm, sunny days. So I made a hard right and headed west. Washington County has been my home since 1996 and I love it.

During the last 23+ years, I’ve had several different sales positions but, prefer doing my own thing and making my client’s happy by providing the best carpet cleaning they’ve ever had.




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