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Carpet Steam Cleaning vs Dry Foam

Looking to clean your carpets? Look no further than B?s Carpet Cleaning! They use a dry foam method which is even more efficient and cost effective than standard steam cleaning. In addition, their dry foam carpet cleaning process is ready to walk on much faster than standard steam cleaning.

When you examine the differences between carpet steam cleaning vs dry foam, B?s Carpet Cleaning becomes the clear choice. Carpet steam cleaning doesn?t actually use steam to clean anything. Rather, steam is the byproduct of the hot water the machines pump into your carpet to loosen dirt and debris. Then, the same machine sucks the water out. While this does extract some of the dirt, there is a portion that remains behind in left over water that can take days to dry and, if done incorrectly, can cause mold to grow in your carpet.

Steam carpet and upholstery cleaning processes just clean the surface, often leaving dirt-laden water behind. The dry foam approach goes deeper and dries quicker with no chance of leaving a soggy mess at the end. They can cover almost any job that you might need done. From residential homes to commercial offices and retail spaces, they?re the best in southern Utah. With an exhaustive dry foam cleaning method, they rid your carpet of stains and unpleasant odors leaving them spotless. You?re sure to be satisfied with your B?s Carpet Cleaning dry foam experience.

Portable system

The dry foam carpet cleaning process uses a portable system. This process brings the point of extraction closer to the carpet. With dry foam, you receive a triple extraction. It starts with a deep dry extraction. Next, foam that dries quickly (not just water) gets scrubbed into the carpet. Finally, B’s Carpet Cleaning technicians use an overlapping extraction process for complete foam and dirt removal, ensuring that your carpets are clean. Dry foam treats the carpet in a way that repels dirt longer with no residue at no extra charge. The very best carpet shampooing machines will lift debris from deep inside fibers, dissolve stains, and remove odors without leaving behind a wet mess that requires days to dry. A fast carpet cleaning process with top-of-the-line equipment leads to sanitized fibers that dry quickly, permitting you to begin walking on the surfaces again right away.

Can you clean my carpet without chemicals?

This is one of the more frequent questions professional carpet cleaners get asked in the carpet steam cleaning vs dry foam discussion.

Despite a common misconceptions, the only way to clean your carpet without chemicals is to rely solely on vacuuming. That is not an effective method. What most people mean when they ask if a technician can clean their carpets without chemicals is, ?Can you clean my carpets safely?? This is a good question. No one wants their pets or children scuttling around on carpet that has been filled with dangerous chemicals. However, most modern carpet cleaning solutions use non-harmful chemicals. Remember, not all chemicals are harmful. After all, H2O is a chemical. Even these non-harmful chemicals are almost entirely removed by the dry foam extraction process. For customers with specific health concerns such as allergies and asthma, non-toxic and hypoallergenic solutions that are free of dyes and perfumes are also available. The team at B?s Carpet Cleaning wants to work with you, to make your experience as comfortable and easy as possible.

Unless cleaned regularly, carpets can cause a number of dangerous health issues. Along with holding countless dust mites and toxic particles from household cleaning agents and other sources, they can help harmful pathogens grow. Not only that, but they most likely contain high amounts of dust, dirt, pet dander, and insect allergens which can be extremely hazardous, especially to people with asthma and similar ailments. Furthermore, untreated carpets or rugs positioned in humid or damp places have been known to grow mold which is not only unsightly but is also a catalyst for several respiratory, sinus, and skin illnesses.

Every day, you drag the outside world into your home. Dirt from outside, germs from the local gas station, even allergens from plants you pass can hitch a ride on your shoes or pant cuffs. Even if you shampoo and vacuum your carpeted floors frequently, it still might not be enough to completely sanitize them. On the other hand, B?s Carpet Cleaning has specifically designed their process to take care of these issues. With professional cleaning that involves high-powered vacuums, powerful dry foam cleaners, advanced shampoo formulas, and speedy drying methods, the health of your body and carpet alike are ensured. And all the products B?s Carpet Cleaning technicians use are completely safe and environmentally friendly.

Gets rid of carpet stains

Despite your best efforts, your carpet has most likely accumulated years of stains. Dirt and grime have built up, and now you?re in need of some professional help. You could rent a steam cleaning machine and try to tackle the job yourself. However, chances are that even with your best effort you?ll end up with a partially cleaned mess that will take days to completely dry. In addition, when it does finally dry, you may find that the cleaning process itself has damaged the carpet beyond what you can repair. Instead, save yourself a headache and let the pros at B?s Carpet Cleaning take care of the job with their quick drying, deep penetrating, dry foam carpet cleaning process.

Why Use B’s Carpet Cleaning?

There are many reasons to select B’s Carpet Cleaning for your dry foam carpet cleaning service. Their prices are very competitive. Their highly trained technicians are knowledgeable and friendly. At the start of their visit they will examine your carpet to determine the best approach to cleaning it. They will identify areas that may need extra attention. While dry foam cleaning your carpet, they will happily answer any of your questions. Using only the best industry equipment, they will clean your carpet with care and detail. By deodorizing your carpet, they can ensure that your home or office remains smelling fresh moving forward. The pros at B’s Carpet Cleaning will never have you feeling left in the dark. They do not talk over your head. Their professional carpet cleaning technicians will explain each element of your carpet treatment plan. This ensures that you understand and feel comfortable with the process.

The health of your family and pets matter to B’s Carpet Cleaning. No one wants to introduce dangerous substances into their home. Using volatile chemicals that create odors can cause allergic skin reactions or respiratory distress in pets and people. B’s Carpet Cleaning?s no residue carpet cleaning is the absolute best option for any type of property. If you want a professional carpet cleaning company that uses a dry foam carpet cleaning process with non toxic solvents and detergents made with biodegradable surfactants that do not harm the environment, B’s Carpet Cleaning is the choice for you. In addition, with highly concentrated formulas of eco-friendly cleansers, there is less packaging to throw away into landfills. Dry foam carpet cleaning with effective detergents and solvents requires less water, leading to less waste.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when considering carpet steam cleaning vs dry foam is that B?s Carpet Cleaning provides excellent service. With overwhelmingly positive reviews, people know B’s for their courteous, prompt, and fair-priced service. Their knowledgeable carpet cleaning technicians are honest, hardworking, and dependable. Thanks to these qualities and the thorough nature of their work, customers don?t hesitate to use B?s Carpet Cleaning over and over again. Many return customers have regularly scheduled dry foam carpet cleanings with B?s.

B’s Carpet Cleaning has a long and respected history in southern Utah. You can trust B’s Carpet Cleaning to get things done fast, right, and on budget. B’s also offers expert upholstery cleaning in St. George at great prices!

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