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Commercial carpet cleaning services are a crucial part of maintaining a positive company image. You want to make a good impression, and your carpet is the first thing to greet your customers when they enter your office. When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning there are several approaches. However, whether it is retail carpet cleaning or office carpet cleaning, B’s Carpet Cleaning is the best choice for both price and quality.

The carpet for your office or retail space handles a lot of traffic. The daily business of your staff, customers, and clients can lead to rapid wear-down of your expensive new carpet. That is a purchase you do not want to have to make too often. Working regular commercial carpet cleaning services into your yearly budget can help avoid the unexpected cost of replacing or fixing torn or damaged carpet.

Make sure to use a reputable carpet cleaning professional to perform these services. This will help you avoid the extra damage amateurs can cause. Whether it is excessive bleaching of fibers, a stain turning into a worn spot, or soap residue; these mistakes can end up costing you much more in the end. The professionals at B’s Carpet Cleaning will listen to you. They will take their time to carefully evaluate exactly what your carpet needs and how best to approach your office or retail space. Their friendly and knowledgeable technicians listen to your concerns. This allows them to make sure that you are comfortable with the approach they take in caring for and protecting your commercial carpet.

Why B’s Carpet Cleaning?

There are many reasons to select B’s Carpet Cleaning for your commercial carpet cleaning needs. Their prices are very competitive. Their highly trained technicians are knowledgeable and friendly. While cleaning your office carpet, they will gladly answer any questions you might have. Using only the best industry equipment, they will clean your carpet with care and detail. By deodorizing your carpet, they can ensure that your office or retail space remains smelling fresh moving forward.

With B’s you will never feel like you?re being left in the dark. They do not talk over your head. Their professional technicians will explain each element of your carpet treatment in detail. This ensures that you understand and feel comfortable with the process.

The health of animals (and our planet) matter to B’s Carpet Cleaning. No one wants to introduce dangerous substances into their office or retail space. Using volatile chemicals that create odors can cause allergic skin reactions or respiratory distress. B’s no residue carpet cleaning is the absolute best option for commercial properties. If you want a professional carpet cleaning company that uses non toxic solvents and detergents made with biodegradable surfactants that do not harm the environment, choose B’s Carpet Cleaning. In addition, with highly concentrated formulas of eco-friendly cleansers, there is less packaging to throw away into landfills. Effective detergents and solvents require less water, leading to less waste, and quicker drying times. That is something extra important for companies in southern Utah.

B’s Carpet Cleaning has a long and respected history in southern Utah. You can trust B’s Carpet Cleaning to get things done fast, right, and on budget. B’s also offers expert upholstery cleaning in St. George at great prices!

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

There are many ways to tackle a dirty office or retail space. Each have their advantages. In addition, there is no need to select one over the others. Using a combination of techniques can often provide the best results. Most people think a carpet stain and odor removal are simple processes, but these tasks require expertise from knowledgeable technicians to ensure fibers are not bleached or damaged. It is also important that the machines used to clean carpets do not saturate fibers with moisture. This can create an environment where mold will grow and mildew odor can develop. Below are some of the most common commercial carpet cleaning processes.

Dry foam carpet cleaning process is a portable system. This process brings the point of extraction closer to the carpet. With dry foam, you receive a triple extraction. It starts with a deep dry extraction (dirt is lighter than mud). Next, foam that dries quickly (not just water), is scrubbed into the carpet. Finally, B’s uses an overlapping extraction process for complete foam and dirt removal ensuring clean carpets. Dry foam treats the carpet so it repels dirt longer with no residue at no extra charge. The very best carpet shampooing machines will lift debris from deep inside fibers, dissolve stains and remove odors without leaving behind a wet mess that requires days to dry. A fast carpet cleaning process with top-of-the-line equipment leads to sanitized fibers that dry quickly, permitting employees and customers to begin walking on the surfaces again right away.

Often, commercial carpet cleaning services start with a heat extraction process. This involves using a cleaning formula created for your specific type of carpet. The formula is put into the areas to be cleaned. Then, a high pressure sprayer shoots hot water into the carpet. This allows it to mix with the cleaning formula loosening dirt, microscopic contaminants, and debris. That is the “heat” part of the heat extraction process. The hot water/cleaning formula mixture is then vacuumed out (extracted) leaving your carpet cleaner, safer, and better smelling. Because of the high levels of pressure used with the water, it can take longer for this method to dry.

Other forms of office carpet cleaning include low moisture encapsulation. This method uses less water and thus has a shorter drying time. Here, technicians use a three-headed scrubber, rotary machine, or cylindrical brush system. The selected brush scrubs the carpet with an encapsulation solution meant to trap the debris that the scrubbing breaks free from the carpet fibers. After the carpet dries, the encapsulated soil can be extracted from the carpet during the post-scrub vacuuming process.

Spot cleaning focuses on smaller troubled areas as opposed to cleaning an entire room or floor. Using any of the previous methods (extraction or encapsulation), individual stains, grouping of stains, or smaller high traffic areas can be cleaned without needing to stay off of the carpeting as a whole. Spot cleaning can be used in combination with other methods. This can work well when one area requires less cleaning than another.

Deodorizing should not be overlooked as part of your retail carpet cleaning. Whether it was the drink someone spilled at the company party or the persistent odors from microwaving leftovers, no one likes to spend time in a room filled with unpleasant scents. While you can try to cover these odors up with perfumes and candles, the origin of the smells remain. Scheduling deodorizing as part of your commercial carpet cleaning services, you can have the source of the smell removed from within the carpet fibers. This leaves your office or retail space smelling fresh and inviting. Both customers and employees will appreciate the improved space.

Finally, application of a carpet protectant by a trained technician not only helps prevent future stains but actually strengthens your carpet. This adds longevity to the life of your original carpet purchase.

Retail Carpet Cleaning

Retail carpet cleaning before and afterRetailers have developed all kinds of tricks to entice customers. From lighting to smells, you want to control the environment for your customers. Stains and odors can create a negative atmosphere that stops people from making purchases. Moreover, it can stop them from returning to your retail space in the future.

By scheduling commercial carpet cleaning services every six months, you ensure that your customers find themselves in a space where they want to linger and browse. Sticking to the recommended six month retail cleaning cycle also prolongs the life of your carpet. This saves you the expense of purchasing all new carpeting. That is an expense that you do not want to swallow very often.

Office Carpet Cleaning

Studies have shown that creating a pleasant work environment drastically affects employee productivity. If employee’s find themselves in a dirty space filled with unpleasant smells, it can create an unproductive work atmosphere. Strong odors can even cause headaches. This can lead to a slower pace of production and in some cases downtime from sick days. Scheduling a regular six month office carpet cleaning service can help you avoid these problems. It can help create a clean, safe, healthy work space for your employees. A healthy work space can also lower employee stress and turnover. Moreover, a regularly scheduled carpet cleaning creates a beautiful, professional space for any visiting customers or clients. After all, you want customers to leave focused on your message or product not an unsightly stain or unbearable stench.

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