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Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Keeping the environment safe is a top priority.

Many people today understand the consequences of adding more and more pollution to an already polluted world.

Eco Friendly Carpet CleaningBut, when they are with the need to create and maintain a clean indoor environment in their home or business, it can become difficult to determine the best ways to achieve their goal without harming the environment. For example, when maintaining indoor carpeting, professional carpet cleaning serves a number of purposes for both home and business owners. Whether there are obvious stains and smells or simply a need for a revitalized rug, a good carpet cleaning is certainly a good way to achieve the desired result. Unfortunately, with traditional carpet cleaning, there are unnecessary risks to the environment, not to mention added expenses down the road. That?s why the better choice is to choose a green carpet cleaning method. A few of the many benefits associated with zero residue carpet cleaning include:

  • health benefits
  • environmental benefits
  • financial savings
  • and even cleaner carpets

Health Benefits

Eco friendly carpet cleaning comes with many health benefits to adults, children, and pets because it does not require the use of harmful toxins and fumes that can easily leak into the air and water supply. Particularly, small children and pets who like to play and roll around on the carpet are safer when they are not facing an overwhelming amount of chemical residue that is often left behind by traditional carpet cleaning services. The harsh cleaning chemicals used in traditional carpet cleaning can leave a sticky residue behind that settles deep within the carpet fibers. The sticky residue can also cause the carpet to become soiled at a faster rate because the dirt adheres to the sticky residue and builds up to leave a dingy-looking and dirty carpet. So, not only are home and business owners left with carpet that requires more frequent cleaning, but they?re also causing environmental harm.

Environmental Benefits

When it comes to the environment, most people want to do their part to help prevent further harm for the future. Unfortunately, when using traditional carpet cleaners to keep carpets looking nice, the products that are often used can take years to degrade. They get into the soil, water supply and air, which causes harm to animals, plants and humans. Not only does this affect the environment today, but it leaves behind a trail of harm and destruction.

Another important factor is to consider the containers used to hold the harmful chemicals.

Many of those containers are non-biodegradable which is not only harmful to the environment, but also brings a wide range of unnecessary expenses related to getting rid of these containers once the cleaning chemicals are used.

Cost Savings

There are some major financial benefits to using eco friendly carpet cleaners. Not only are traditional storage containers expensive to recycle, but their negative effects on the environment can create extra expenses to help clean up the unnecessary pollution. On the other hand, eco friendly products are biodegradable and safe for the environment which saves on pollution costs for many years to come. Another financial benefit to using green carpet cleaning techniques is that the techniques are designed to clean the carpet thoroughly and effectively so that professional cleanings are not required as frequently as with some traditional carpet cleaning methods.

Eco Friendly Options

Individuals who are looking for a reliable and healthy carpet cleaning service may want to consider the various types available. For example, the following are two different methods for achieving thorough carpet cleaning while protecting the environment and keeping both humans and animals in the area safe:

  • Soil Transfer System: A soil transfer system is a process in which the dirt, debris, oils, and stains are transferred onto cleaning pads by using a vibration machine to “blot” the stains out.
  • Zero Residue Carpet Cleaning: This is not only safe and effective, but it leaves no trace behind because it typically utilizes hot water extraction techniques without the need for shampoo. Not only is this one of the safest methods for children and pets, but any chemicals that are used in the cleaning process are completely neutral and safe.

Organic Cleaners

Choosing organic carpet cleaners is also a safe choice for everyone because non-organic carpet cleaners can be quite harmful to the environment due to the ingredients that are traditionally used to make these harsh chemicals. Some common ingredients include pesticides, formaldehyde, and lye. Not only do these chemicals affect the environment in a negative way, but they can also create health risks to humans and animals. Some of the health risks include hormonal imbalances, problems with the endocrine system and infertility.

Unfortunately, the ones who suffer the highest risk of health problems are those who spend a great amount of time on the floor like infants, young children, and pets.

Today, there is no need to worry about how to keep your carpet clean in a safe and effective manner. There are many cost-effective and environmentally safe carpet cleaning products and techniques available.

Helping the Cause

The need for a better solution to traditional carpet cleaning has propelled an increasing number of professional carpet cleaners to ?go green? for the benefit of their current customers, and for future generations. Through various tried and true methods, many very effective, eco friendly carpet cleaning techniques have been discovered that actually clean carpets just as well or better than traditional carpet cleaning methods.

In addition, the equipment and techniques used in eco friendly cleaning services are affordable and well worth the effort.

Homeowners, business owners, and even renters can begin doing their part to save the environment by looking for eco friendly carpet cleaning services. Not only will they be helping to keep the air and water supplies free from harmful chemicals, but they can take pride in knowing that they helped keep people healthy while saving a large amount of money for future generations. If every carpet in the world was cleaned using eco friendly cleaning methods, the world would soon be a little less polluted and a lot healthier for everyone.

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