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How to Prevent and Remove Pet Stains from Carpet

If you have pets at home, it is very likely that at some time or another you will experience unwanted pet stains and odor in your home. To remove pet stains from carpet, as well as the associated odors, there are plenty of techniques and methods that will help you remove pet stain and odor into your carpet and upholstery in just a short period without hassle.

Pet Problems

The first thing is to make use of reinforcement techniques like teaching your pet the right area to eliminate their waste. In order to do this, you need to seek the professional help of a veterinarian or dog trainer and follow their suggestions and recommendations. According to some veterinarians, as long as the pet can smell the scent of its waste, it will continue to return to that area. This is a major reason getting a professional cleaning is important to prevent this.

When it comes to washing the blankets and sheets of your pet, you need to put a small amount of baking soda in your detergent to get rid of the unwanted odor. It is also very important to properly clean the area your pet used to eliminate its waste. If you do this, your pet will not even smell its scent.

Don’t Delay! Call B’s to Remove Pet Stains from Carpet!

When your pet eliminates its waste in your carpet, it is very important that you wash your carpet immediately. When you notice that your carpet has pet urine and stains, you need to put paper towels and newspaper into the carpet to absorb the pet urine then rinse your carpet with cool water until the bad odor is gone. After that, it is recommended to call and get professional cleaning from B’s Carpet Cleaning. This will ensure quality and make sure that the pet does not return to do his/her business there.

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