Benefits of Zero Residue Carpet Cleaning

Eco friendly carpet cleaning with zero residue products can make a big difference.

Liquid ChemicalsKeeping a healthy home includes having your carpets cleaned regularly. Besides vacuuming, annual professional carpet cleaning is recommended to remove deep dirt, pet hair, allergens, pollutants and more. Unfortunately, most professional cleaning products can cause even more problems. Eco friendly carpet cleaning with zero residue products can make a big difference.

Why Professional Cleaning Is Better

Vacuuming and shampooing your carpets is essential to general cleanliness, but a high powered professional cleaning uses special vacuums, steam cleaners, high quality cleansing products and state-of-the-art drying methods. You will immediately see the difference between a DIY home shampoo and a thorough professional cleaning that can make your carpet look brand new.

Things like:

  • pet dander
  • dust mites
  • bacteria
  • and molds

are less likely to be thoroughly picked up by standard household vacuums and carpet shampoo machines. Professional strength machines pull up everything from deep within your carpet and professional grade cleaning products kill bacteria hidden in your carpet fibers.

Traditional Carpet Cleaning

Many people have tried to avoid paying a professional by renting or purchasing carpet cleaners for their own use. The chemicals in traditional commercial cleaning products can be harsh and require skill to get them proportioned correctly. Proper rinsing is one of the most common difficulties and a good reason to use a professional, but sometimes professionals are in a rush and don’t rinse sufficiently either. Whether you do your own traditional cleaning or use a professional, you should be aware that the chemical-heavy cleaning products used for carpet cleaning have been found to cause health complications.

Chemicals may cause allergic reactions as more and more people are chemical and scent sensitive.

Often additional fragrance is added to try to cover chemical scents but these just add another layer of potential sensitivities.
Traditional cleaning products may not be safe for babies and pets.
Cleaning products can leave a residue on your carpet if they are not sufficiently rinsed.

One of the biggest problems with traditional carpet cleaning products is the residue they leave behind. The residue can make the chemical scents stay around longer, which give the illusion of your carpet being cleaner longer but actually can simply prolong your exposure to those chemicals. Residue can be especially unhealthy for babies who crawl on the floor you now think is especially clean and for pets.

An often unrecognized downside to residue left behind by carpet cleaning products is it can actually attract more dirt and germs, trapping them in your carpet and making the carpet dirtier even faster.

Not only does this make your carpet look bad but it causes it to hold onto pollutants, germs and allergens that your family will be exposed to in greater amounts until the next deep cleaning is done. Insufficient rinsing can also increase the chances of mold and other bacteria.

Zero Residue Carpet Cleaning Is The Best Option

An eco friendly carpet cleaning option, zero residue products are formulated to rinse cleaner and leave no residue on your carpet. Zero residue carpet cleaning uses less harsh chemicals, does not contain unnecessary fragrances, and meets EPA and EU guidelines for safer detergents that are biodegradable. This means the detergents are:

  • Safer on your carpet.
  • Safer for your family’s breathing.
  • Safer for babies and pets who have direct contact with the carpet.
  • Able to rinse cleaner and more thoroughly.
  • Easier broken down in the water system.
  • Less dangerous to the environment.

What Are Benefits To You

Zero residue products are formulated to be gentler on your carpet even as they clean efficiently. They are also gentler for your breathing, using less dangerous chemicals overall. Perhaps most noticeably, they are cleaner rinsing products. This significantly reduces or eliminates residue left on your carpet.

When zero residue products are used in conjunction with a professional service that utilizes high-powered professional machinery, you get the best possible cleaning.

These newly developed products are designed to provide superior cleaning of known dirt, bacteria, insects, pet dander, hair, pollens and more that get trapped inside your carpet with everyday use. When the product rinses it is rinsing clean from your carpet, leaving the carpet in its best condition ever. All of the pollutants and germs are completely rinsed out along with the cleaning product, leaving nothing behind but the carpet. Once properly and professionally dried, your carpet is protected from mildew, mold and other bacteria growths that insufficient rinsing of traditional commercial products can inadvertently encourage.

All of this means your home is super clean. Your family’s health is greatly impacted by having all of these things out of the carpet. This type of cleaning can reduce major respiratory illnesses like asthma and strengthen immune systems. You will also have peace of mind when your children or grandchildren play on the floor.

Environmental Impact

New zero residue cleaning products are also the most eco friendly carpet cleaning solutions ever. Even as the products rinse easily and thoroughly from the carpet, they are also biodegradable so they do not poison ground water or build up in water supplies.

EPA requirements around products receiving certification as environmentally friendly require looking at the entire lifespan of a product. To meet the requirements, a zero residue product is considered from the beginning of ingredient choices to manufacturing processes to how it impacts the environment while being used and then how it is disposed of and the impacts it has as waste. Zero residue products are the best carpet cleaning products currently available not only for cleaning abilities but also impact on the environment from development through disposal.

Zero residue carpet cleaning is the best cleaning available, harnessing science to provide the most people, pet and environmentally friendly option yet known.

Professional cleaning with zero residue products can:

  • Extend the life of your carpet.
  • Address underlying causes of illnesses.
  • Provide a healthy environment for your whole family.
  • Give you peace of mind for the safety of your children and pets who play on the carpet.
  • Contribute to a healthier environment.

Even as your interior environment is cleaned, you can rest easy knowing you are making a healthier choice for the outside environment as well. Zero residue carpet products make the world safer and healthier for everyone.

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