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Carpet Stretching

Sometimes, household carpet develops ripples or wrinkles. Carpet ripples are problematic for multiple reasons because these wrinkles:

  • Create tripping hazards. Ripples in carpets make for uneven surfaces, which can cause dangerous tripping hazards.
  • Are dirt magnets. Because ripples are more pronounced, they tend to catch excess dirt and grease over time, which leads to discoloration and wear.
  • Cause permanent creases. Ripples prevent carpet from lying flat, and, over time, this can cause the carpet to form folds or creases that permanently affect its look.

The solution to carpet wrinkles, assuming the carpet is not overly worn or brittle, is carpet stretching. In most cases, this is done with a power stretcher. This is essentially a collection of pipes that push off one wall and pull the carpet in the opposite direction, eliminating the wrinkle and getting the carpet smooth and tight again.

Carpet Stain Removal

In addition to removing dirt that works its way deep into carpets, a professional cleaning eliminates the ugly stains that tend to accumulate at busy offices or homes. Whether a coffee or red wine spill, a dropped lipstick tube or a pet’s accident on the floor, our professional carpet care technicians use specialty enzymatic cleaners to reach deep into carpet fibers and get the stains and odors out for good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does carpet cleaning also help with odors?

What kind of stains do you treat?

Why do carpets develop wrinkles?

My carpet needs repairs. Can you help?

Spills and stains embedded in carpet can lead to unpleasant odors. That’s where carpet cleaners come in. Routine maintenance can help prevent minor stains from becoming bigger, smellier problems. For bigger stains, spills and pet accidents, spot treatments by professional cleaners can treat the stains and take the unpleasant smells with them.

B’s Carpet Cleaning treats a wide range of stains including those from pets, foods, dirty shoes and cosmetics. Red stains, caused by spilled wines, food coloring, ketchup, tomato sauce, juice and cosmetics are some of the most difficult to remove. Neglecting or improperly treating stains can make them magnets for more dirt and grime, potentially attracting ants and other pests. Worse, it can make the stain permanent. We take the time to clean tough spots until we get them out.

Sometimes, carpet installation in newly built homes is done in a hurry. If the carpet isn’t cut in a straight line, or if excess carpet is carelessly tucked away under baseboards, that loose carpet might cause a ripple. Another reason carpets ripple is due to high temperatures, which can break down and soften the backing and cause premature rippling or tearing.

Sometimes carpet develops unsightly frayed edges, possibly from scratching pets or other rough friction. These places need to be trimmed back and re-stretched. If there are holes from torn-out fibers, burns, or bleach spots, the carpet may need to be patched. Small imperfections can be repaired with a “cookie-cutter” method, usually by taking some carpet from a closet floor and placing it into the spot that needs patching. With the right expertise, even damaged carpet can look new again.

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September 2020- Absolutely amazing!!! We had him clean our whole house and we also had pet stains in our front room and were debating replacing the carpet. I can’t even tell they were there!! I called a few days in advance and he had an opening on the day I requested. He was right on time, efficient and did a wonderful job. Prices were better than his competitors, I will…

Jack C – Mar 27, 2021

We just experienced the BEST carpet and furniture upholstery cleaning ever. Additionally, we have two dogs. Bryan is the owner – operator of his B’s Cleaning service. He was easy to schedule with, arrived on time and his work ethic is second to none. -Brent Primrose

Brent Primrose – Mar 26, 2021

This is a great company to work with. They always go above and beyond when it comes to service. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for carpet cleaning or repair.

Chris Willets – Mar 25, 2021

I have been using B’s for years. Bryan responds to calls very quickly, shows up when he says he will be there, does great work, and charges a reasonable price. The call to him is the only one I make now when I have a need for the services he provides.

Russell LeBaron – Mar 21, 2021

I have been using B's for years. Bryan responds to calls very quickly, shows up when he says he will be there, does great work, and charges a reasonable price. The call to him is the only one I make now when I have a need for the services he provides.

Russell L. – Mar 21, 2021

Very professional, timely, and does a great job. This is the second time we have used this company. The first time was to repair our carpet from our puppy chewing it. This time to clean them from kids and our puppy so the floors could look new and cleaner than we could ever get them ourselves. We also had our sectional couch done as well. Wow does the couch look great. This is a…

Virginia G. – Feb 8, 2021

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