Who Are The Best Carpet Cleaners In St George Utah?

We hope you said B’s Carpet Cleaning! If we’ve done a great job for you, it’s easy to spread the word! It only takes a few minutes, to leave us a testimonial.

People looking for carpet cleaners in St. George, Utah, or any other business, want to know if they do a good job. That’s why testimonials are so important for a company like ours. It tells prospective customers that you felt that we delivered value and met your expectations. An honest testimonial is like gold for any business. We appreciate them. (If by chance, you aren’t completely satisfied, please call us now 435-862-3881 so we can make it right!) Select any of your favorite sites below and let us know what you think!

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It’s Easy to Write a Quick Testimonial for the Best Carpet Cleaners in St George Utah!

We’ve heard from customers that they just don’t know how to write a testimonial or that it takes too long. False and false! Here’s a short primer about the art of testimonials. If you like our service and want to give us a testimonial, we’d like to make it as easy as possible for you.


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What Exactly Is a Testimonial?

When a customer is satisfied with a business service, she can write a recommendation, also called a testimonial. In it the customer states that she is satisfied with the quality of the product or service and tells why. A testimonial is a way to show that you were impressed with the value the company delivered and that you considered the performance positive and helpful. It’s like talking to a friend over coffee, saying, “Oh, yes, you can trust them! We had a wonderful experience. They got everything clean and arrived at the house right when they said they would.”

But in the case of the testimonial, it is written down and the people who see it are probably strangers to you. When you write a testimonial for our business, it is usually posted on our website, sometimes on social media, and possibly in printed brochures.

Another way to give us a testimonial is to go to one of the review sites like Yelp or Google+. These are usually called reviews, but the effect is the same. People read reviews on these sites to find out what real people have actually experienced with different carpet cleaners in St George Utah.
Writing a testimonial for B’s carpet cleaners in St George Utah–is much like a letter of recommendation that an employer or teacher writes for a prospective employee. It says you have experience with this individual–or business–and like what you found.

Why Do We Value Our Customer’s Opinions?

When it comes to developing repeat business, the lifeblood of any service company, you can’t beat a testimonial. It is one of the most powerful ways to show people looking for a product or service that this business can be trusted to deliver.

A testimonial from someone who has actually used a service can persuade someone who is hesitant. People share them with friends. That way even people find out about the company and the good review.

According to studies, people feel more secure and comfortable when they first find out what other people feel about a company. There is always a worry when you use a business for the first time. Are they good at what they do? Are they honest? Are they friendly? After reading a testimonial, people find it easier to make a decision.
A testimonial helps to level the playing field for small businesses like carpet cleaners in St George Utah. A company like ours can get a fair share of the marketplace, even when we are competing with huge franchises or large cleaning businesses. The reason that is the testimonial is based on trust. The marketing budget of the big guys plays no part. You can’t buy trust, it is earned.

A Few Simple Steps To Write A Testimonial

There are actually just three things to remember when writing a testimonial: it is short, real and specific. Here are a some pointers to help you.
Keep it short. It turns out that shoppers like to read testimonials that take a minute or less to read. That’s good, because most customers want to write one that is short! A minute’s worth of reading is about two paragraphs max. Or if you want to say more, that’s fine too. But if possible, put the high points in those first two paragraphs.
Use your name. Studies show that customers don’t believe testimonials if a real person’s name isn’t on it. Anonymous just doesn’t work. (B’s Carpet Cleaning will never use your contact information in the online or printed testimonial, without your permission.) By using the online review services above, other people can ask you questions about your review or the service you received. If you choose to respond, you can do so without ever providing any personal information other than the login you used to write the review.

Also, don’t be afraid to show your personality. Feel free to express your real feelings about working with us. A testimonial that is personal sounding is more believable.
Be as specific as possible. Did you like our attitude? How were we helpful? How was our service personally valuable to you? What makes us different or special?
A good testimonial talks about the problem that we helped solve for you and the results that we delivered. It tells others why our carpet cleaners in St. George, Utah, is the best choice to do the work.

Wondering what a short, real and specific testimonial looks like? Here is a sample to give you an idea.

Relatives visited and brought their two Pekinese with them. Sadly, one dog wasn’t fully house broken. My wife and I called the carpet cleaners in St. George, Utah, to see if they could get rid of doggy odors and stains. We explained the problem and the customer service person was super helpful. She explained the types of products they use that are specifically made for pet problems in carpets.

What we appreciated the most was how prompt the two cleaners were and how focused they were on getting the job done quickly and efficiently. They came by 9 a.m., right on time. We had our carpets in perfect condition by noon. They were dry and odor free. Both of us noticed how sharp the colors were. They haven’t looked this good in at least two years.

— Clyde Baron, St. George

There you are, short and sweet. If you like our service, we would love to get a testimonial from you. It’s happy customers like you that keep us in business.

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