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Carpet Cleaning Methods

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Vacuuming carpet

When you are considering hiring a professional carpet cleaner, there are several methods of cleaning your carpet that you can choose from.

Carpet Cleaning Methods


Rotary pad openings release a detergent solution. The solution is then converted into foam and worked into the carpet. This particular method is ideal for low cut pile carpet that has been heavily soiled or low pile commercial carpet. This method relies on the vacuuming of the carpet after the shampoo has finished drying. This cleaning process has no extraction, unless it is combined with another form of carpet cleaning.

Hot water extraction

A sprayer applies pressurized and heated cleaning solution to the carpet. It is then extracted by using a vacuum source. This method is capable of flushing out large amounts of contaminants and soil contained within the carpet. Another common name for this process is steam cleaning.

Bonnet cleaning?

This is otherwise known as dry cleaning. A rotary machine has a absorbent pad attached to the bottom of it. After a detergent solution has been applied to the carpet, the pad agitates and removes dirt and soil from the carpet that is suspended in the solution. The pad can be reversed after one side becomes too dirty. After both sides of the pad become dirty, it can be cleaned and used again at a later time. Since there is a minimal amount of moisture used in this method, the carpet is able to dry very fast.

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