Carpet Cleaning Process

Professional carpet cleaning is best!

It is a good way for homeowners and business managers in Utah to keep carpeting in perfect condition.

Protect Carpeting with Quality Carpet Shampooing

Anyone who has purchased carpeting knows how expensive the item is along with the cost of installation. And a carpet?s fibers and backing will last longer when it is kept clean.

Think about the amount of debris that is tracked into a home or business in and you will understand the importance of regular carpet shampooing, stain removal and sanitizing.

Not only do the surface fibers of carpets become filthy, but mud, food and pet urine seeps toward the backing of carpets to damage underlying padding and floors.

Remove Debris from Carpet Fibers without Excess Moisture

Dry foam carpet cleaning process is a portable system. This process brings the point of extraction closer to the carpet. Not a machine left in the street where most of the suction is lost through 50ft of hosing dragged through the house.

With dry foam, you receive a triple extraction:

  • A deep dry extraction (dirt is lighter than mud)
  • Foam that dries quickly (not just water), is scrubbed into the carpet
  • Use an overlapping extraction process for complete foam and dirt removal ensuring clean carpets

Dry foam treats the carpet so it repels dirt longer with NO RESIDUE at no extra charge. We also offer expert upholstery cleaning in St. George at great prices!

Most people think that carpet stain and odor removal are simple processes, but these tasks require expertise from knowledgeable technicians to ensure fibers are not bleached or damaged. It is also important that the machines used to shampoo carpets do not saturate fibers with moisture, creating an environment where mold will grow and mildew odor can develop.

The very best carpet shampooing machines will lift debris from deep inside fibers, dissolve stains and remove odors without leaving behind a wet mess that requires days to dry.

A fast carpet cleaning process with top-of-the-line equipment leads to sanitized fibers that dry quickly, permitting families and customers to begin walking on the surfaces again right away.

Use Nontoxic Surfactants when Shampooing Carpets

Cat on no residue carpetNo one wants to introduce dangerous substances into their home or business with volatile chemicals that create odors that cause allergic skin reactions or respiratory stress. No residue carpeting cleaning is the absolute best option for residential and commercial properties. Choose a professional carpet cleaning company that uses nontoxic solvents and detergents made with biodegradable surfactants that do not harm the environment. With highly concentrated formulas of eco-friendly cleansers, there is less packaging to throw away into landfills. Effective detergents and solvents also require less water, leading to less waste.

In addition to having cleaner carpets in a building, there is no indoor pollution from fumes or allergens, mildew or mold.

Improve the Appearance of Carpets with Thorough Carpet Sanitizing

The residents of Utah deserve high-quality but affordable carpet cleaning services that remove odors and stains to leave fibers looking new. Carpets that look dingy and have lost luster are revived with the proper shampooing methods. In addition to making carpets look fantastic again, a thorough cleaning process removes debris such as particles of gravel that degrade fibers.

For individuals with allergies, keeping carpets sanitized can prevent difficult symptoms such as sinus congestion or runny noses.

The fibers in carpeting collect a lot of pollen, pet dander and dust mites that are the allergens that frequently lead to allergic responses. The best carpet shampooing equipment lifts particles from fibers rather than pushing debris deeper into the surface.

Make Sure Carpets Dry Quickly to Avoid Odors and Mold Growth

The goal of many carpet shampooing companies is to provide services as quickly as possible without considering proper care of fibers. Rushed carpet cleaning can lead to damage with torn fiber loops and ripped backing stitches.

To ensure carpets are sanitized thoroughly but without damage, choose a technician like B’s who takes the time to move heavy furniture, protect underlying surfaces and analyze fibers.

State-of-the-art wide extraction machines are necessary to clean large commercial properties quickly with just one walk-through. For residential properties, a smaller machine is appropriate as technicians use it to clean hallways and rooms with a low-moisture process that allows carpets to dry within a few hours.

Avoid Recontamination of Fibers with Heavy-Duty Extraction Machines

A patented air cell extraction shampooing method suctions soil gently from carpet fibers without harsh chemicals. This no residue carpet cleaning method uses only one pass to shampoo fibers, making it easier for technicians to complete a job. Instead of using several gallons of water, dirt emulsifying cleaning bubbles along with circular brushes gently scrub away dirt from the top to the base of a carpet. As the debris is lifted to the top of the wall-to-wall carpet, it is suctioned immediately into a container to prevent recontamination. With this shampooing method, carpets are left smelling fresh and looking clean without changing to an odd color, developing mildew or shrinking.

In most cases, the carpet?s fibers will dry completely in less than one hour, allowing someone to walk on the surfaces.

Choose Environmentally Safe Surfactants to Shampoo Carpets

A no residue carpet cleaning process using air cell technology has only 10 percent moisture combined with 90 percent air to prevent sopping wet fibers that dry unevenly while beginning to grow dangerous mold. This shampooing process is highly effective for sanitizing fibers without using massive amounts of hot water that can cause carpets to shrink or damaging underlying wooden floors.

While having constant air circulation with many carpet shampooing techniques is required, the air cell encapsulation method uses low-moisture methods, making it suitable for cleaning fibers located in areas of a building without airflow.

Not only is this affordable carpet cleaning system effective for removing deeply embedded debris, but it is an environmentally safe process using non-toxic surfactants.

Biodegradable Cleansers and Containers Protect the Environment from Pollution

Carpet shampooing that leaves behind no oily or sticky substances means that it is safe for children and family pets to play on the surfaces without worrying about contamination.

The air cell encapsulation technique uses biodegradable stain removers and detergents without fragrances that filter into a building?s venting system to create allergic responses such as headaches. The cleansers used during the carpet shampooing processes are highly concentrated, making containers small and easy for technicians to throw away. Each container is also biodegradable to prevent harming the environment with chemicals. With only one pass of heavy-duty extraction machines, technicians are able to remove dirt without multiple treatments.

Cylindrical Brushes Lift Debris for Fast Removal from Carpeting

Professional carpet cleaning with low moisture extraction machines made with cylindrical brushes provides an innovative shampooing process. Numerous pliable bristles rotate gently against a carpet?s fibers to lift debris after dry air cell encapsulation chemicals are applied evenly.

The brushes of these extraction machines adjust quickly to any size of carpeting pile to reach debris.

To avoid contaminating new surfaces, as the dirt rises to the surface of the carpeting, it is suctioned immediately into a durable container for disposable.

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