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Whether at home, at a restaurant or at the office, carpets take a beating. Over time, all carpets get dirty. It’s not a matter of if they need cleaning, but when.

We like to think of carpets like a vehicle. Commit to regular maintenance, like changing the oil and rotating the tires, and you can rely on your car to last you a lot longer than if you wait until it breaks down and you need a new engine.

The same goes for both home and commercial carpets. Keeping your carpets clean requires routine maintenance — don’t wait until it looks dirty or damaged. Excessive dirt and spills at home can be hard to remove without regular professional cleaning. Worse, lingering stains can attract pests and lead to unpleasant odors.

Similarly, heavy foot traffic on your business carpets from employees and customers can leave your floors looking stained and filthy. No one wants to eat at a dirty restaurant or shop in a grungy-looking store.

How Often Do Carpets Need Cleaning?

Plan to get your residential carpet cleaned at least once a year, or every six months if you have pets, wear shoes indoors or have a big family. Regular, professional carpet cleaning can help extend the life of your carpets, saving you from spending money on premature replacement.

In a commercial space, you’ll need to schedule carpet cleaning more frequently since it will be getting far more use from far more feet.

No matter the space, hiring a trustworthy carpet cleaner is the best way to maintain your carpet for the long haul. B’s Carpet Cleaning offers expert business and commercial carpet cleaning services, which include one-time maintenance cleans as well as regularly scheduled upkeep cleans. From small offices to large corporations with multiple floors, we make your carpets look fresh and new.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does carpet cleaning also help with odors?

My carpet needs repairs. Can you help?

What is the difference between residential and commercial carpet cleaning?

How does dry foam carpet cleaning work?

What is dry foam carpet cleaning?

Spills and stains embedded in carpet can lead to unpleasant odors. That’s where carpet cleaners come in. Routine maintenance can help prevent minor stains from becoming bigger, smellier problems. For bigger stains, spills and pet accidents, spot treatments by professional cleaners can treat the stains and take the unpleasant smells with them.

Sometimes carpet develops unsightly frayed edges, possibly from scratching pets or other rough friction. These places need to be trimmed back and re-stretched. If there are holes from torn-out fibers, burns, or bleach spots, the carpet may need to be patched. Small imperfections can be repaired with a “cookie-cutter” method, usually by taking some carpet from a closet floor and placing it into the spot that needs patching. With the right expertise, even damaged carpet can look new again.

Residential carpets and commercial carpets are treated the same way. With either job, we work to accommodate our customers’ schedules. We schedule late nights and weekends for our commercial customers, so that they are ready to open back up for business the next day. Since commercial carpet is usually thinner with no padding underneath, it is usually dry in 20 to 30 minutes. Residential carpet may take up to an hour to dry.

Dry foam carpet cleaner goes down as a foam. This foam gets jetted into a cleaning brush, which scrubs the carpet fibers and picks up and encapsulates dirt, grease and oil. Then, an extractor component pulls all that dirt and debris away, leaving zero residue and helping the carpet resist dirt for a longer period of time.

With this method, we use a machine that moves right on top of the carpet. There’s no need to run a hose through the front door to a service vehicle, which can impact your HVAC and risk bugs coming in or pets getting out. We stay indoors to keep your home secure, cleaning each room one-by-one.

Dry foam carpet cleaning uses a low-moisture system that scrubs while it extracts, achieving a deeper clean without saturating your carpet and carpet pad. Most other systems simply spray and extract or use hot water extraction to clean carpets. These methods don’t clean as thoroughly, and hot water extraction can also cause materials to break down faster than they normally would, limiting the life of the carpet.

Dry foam carpet cleaning is a zero-residue cleaning method, meaning there’s no soap or film left on the carpet after the cleaning. This brings out your carpet’s true color and makes it soft and less susceptible to dirt and grease between cleanings. It’s also safe for pets and small children.

Do you have area rugs on your hardwood floors that could use a good cleaning? Our dry foam method doesn’t require saturating the carpet, making it a safe option for your rugs without damaging your hardwood floors underneath.

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Bryan did a great job cleaning our carpets in a timely, professional manner. They look and feel great, plus he gave excellent tips on spot cleaning if we have future spills. He was so easy to work with and responded knowledgeably to every question. We’ll call him again.

Allan Carter – Jan 23, 2021

Bryan was very professional and very sensitive nice person.

Robyn P. – Jan 22, 2021

Very courteous, high quality and prompt service. We have use this carpet cleaning company twice now and donâ t hesitate to recommend him to friends and family

Nancy C. – Jan 7, 2021

Prompt friendly and professional.

Kristy A. – Jan 7, 2021

Bryan was great to work with. He was friendly, professional, efficient, and knew what he was doing. We not only had all of our carpets cleaned, but he stretched our carpet. Everything looks great! Thank you Bryan! We will call you again for our personal house and will recommend you to our friends and neighbors!

Bruce and Robin Wood – Feb 5, 2021

September 2020- Absolutely amazing!!! We had him clean our whole house and we also had pet stains in our front room and were debating replacing the carpet. I can’t even tell they were there!! I called a few days in advance and he had an opening on the day I requested. He was right on time, efficient and did a wonderful job. Prices were better than his competitors, I will…

Jack C – Mar 27, 2021

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