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Benefits of Green Carpet Cleaning

Mom and daughter doing yoga on clean carpetGreen carpet cleaning is becoming more popular. Whether you are hoping to clean a home or a commercial property, you?ll find there are many great advantages to eco friendly carpet cleaning. Although some of the best advantages have to do with protecting the environment, that?s not the whole story.

There are plenty of other reasons to use green cleaning!

Let?s look at some ways that green carpet cleaning is superior to other types of carpet cleaning and what you can expect. Green carpet cleaning:

  1. is Better at Eliminating Allergens
  2. Reduces the Risk of Mold
  3. is Safer for Pets
  4. Uses Less Energy
  5. Fewer Fumes
  6. Better Air Quality
  7. Lasts Longer
  8. Saves Water
  9. Reduces Costs
  10. Allows You to Get on With Life

People who are considering using eco friendly carpet cleaning for the first time might think it is more expensive or more time-consuming than traditional cleaning methods. As a matter of fact, it can be more convenient and cost-effective in a host of ways.

Better at Eliminating Allergens

Many people are very sensitive to airborne pollution. While pollen and pet dander are the most common airborne irritants, there are many others to be concerned about. In fact, indoor air can actually be stuffed with much more airborne particles than outdoor air. Green cleaning will help to eliminate a much higher proportion of particles that cause sneezing, itching and more.

Reduces the Risk of Mold

Throughout most of the United States, mold exists in huge amounts outdoors. It only takes a little bit of moisture to bring mold particles to life and start a mold infestation in your home. Often, this begins with a damp carpet. Mold is hardy and persistent, so green cleaning helps ensure you reduce the amount of mold. This protects you from potentially serious respiratory issues.

Safer for Pets

Many traditional methods of cleaning carpet can cause harm to cats, dogs and other pets. It?s very inconvenient to have to ?re-home? your pet temporarily every time you want a truly deep carpet cleaning. Small animals can get sick and may even die if they are exposed to fumes or standing chemicals from some conventional cleaning approaches. Green cleaning is much safer.

Uses Less Energy

There?s more to green cleaning methods than just reducing solid waste. Green cleaning also means ensuring that the minimum amount of energy is used to deliver results. You?ll get a reliable cleaning experience without having to worry about your carbon footprint. Less chemicals mean less processing and much less burning of fossil fuels to get the excellent clean you want.

Means Fewer Fumes

Children, the elderly and those with respiratory conditions are at risk when it comes to complications from inhaling chemical fumes. The natural cleaning products used with green methods are much safer to your family, friends and guests, even immediately after your cleaning. You?ll no longer need to worry about airing out your property once your cleaning is done.

Means Better Air Quality

In addition to mold and irritants, simple pollutants such as dust and cigarette residue can lead to a major reduction in indoor air quality. If you are in a multi-unit residence, you might have indoor air problems based on pollutants infiltrating your ducts or shared halls. Green cleaning lets you breathe easier and sometimes contributes to relief of sinus symptoms.

Lasts Longer

Green cleaning is typically coupled with the use of a natural ?ARA? treatment. This helps prolong the length of time your carpet is deeply clean, preventing re-soiling. As with other aspects of the cleaning process, the ARA is natural, gentle and safe. Effective application of an ARA can protect your clean carpet for months and takes only a few minutes.

Saves Water

Many conventional carpet cleaning technologies require a great deal of water to use correctly. Old-fashioned steamers and deep cleaners rely on water for their ability to agitate and remove stains. This can wear out your carpet and shorten its lifespan considerably. With green methods, you will typically save dozens of gallons of water every time your carpets get cleaned. That savings can really add up quickly!

Reduces Costs

Green cleaning is safe, efficient and affordable. It can be performed over a much larger area than conventional cleaning in a single visit, so you can typically save both time and money. Done well, green cleaning with also last longer and help to enhance the look and feel of your carpet, making it possible to keep your carpets lively and lush for many years without any replacement costs.

Allows You to Get on With Life

In many cases, conventional carpet cleaning means you will have to stop using the affected rooms for several hours or days. With the green approach, the ?downtime? your carpets will suffer from is significantly cut down. You can begin enjoying the look and feel of your clean carpets almost as soon as the cleaning process is done. This provides more convenience and enjoyment.

What Can You Expect from Green Carpet Cleaning?

The specific methods used to clean your carpets will depend on your needs, the carpet itself and the type of property. Generally speaking, however, you can expect green cleaning to involve concentrated cleaning products based on natural, safe ingredients.

A concentrated cleaning product can be applied to a greater area more effectively than a ?watered down? product. This is part of the reason why green cleaning is far superior in terms of the amount of water used for each square foot of carpet you might clean.

Green cleaning chemicals typically come in biodegradable packaging so they will not contribute to landfills. The cleaning fluids themselves include no harmful pollutants and are also designed to break down swiftly and safely in indoor environments once the cleaning job is done.

Just as importantly, carpet cleaning solutions that are truly ?green? do not include or come into contact with heavy metals.

Heavy metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic can have profound, lasting health consequences and should never be used in cleaning materials.

Green cleaning does not typically take any longer than conventional carpet cleaning, and can even be faster. In addition to a great clean, many people enjoy knowing that they have done their part to conserve resources and protect the planet.

Green Cleaning is Right for Homes and Businesses

Choosing green carpet cleaning can help businesses demonstrate a clear commitment to the environment. Many small, mid-sized and large businesses consider green cleaning an important part of corporate social responsibility. That environmental focus is often important to customers.

However, green cleaning is also accessible to homeowners and managers of residential properties. Looking for green cleaning options can be a good way to help the environment and demonstrate the importance of conservation to others in the family, too.

Thanks to the safety, efficiency and convenience of green cleaning, it?s appropriate for a range of uses.

Green cleaning has already been adopted for many public institutions all around the U.S., including schools, museums and much more.

One thing is for sure: Green cleaning is becoming more mainstream and is accessible to virtually anyone who wants to use it. As time goes on, it?s likely many more people will ?take the plunge? and sample carpet cleaning ?the green way? for themselves.

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